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Heavy duty dual vertical monitor mount with HD F-clamp

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Please link for AWMS-2-BT75-H with heavy duty desk clamp.

Please link for AWMS-2-BT75-G with grommet clamp. 

AWMS-2-BT75 is a super heavy duty dual vertical monitor mount with heavy duty F-clamp desk fixing. It mounts two super ultrawide displays in a vertical stack configuration, including two Samsung 49" Odyssey G9 and Odyssey Neo displays.

This mount is for high-performance computer setups used by gamers, software developers, traders, and designers. Any application with dense visual data will benefit from mounting two ultrawide displays with Atdec. 


Choose me for:

  • Mounting two monitors stacked vertically
  • At least one monitor demands heavy duty capacity
  • Where you want to clamp to the desk & do not have a grommet drilled
  • Deploying multiple workstations at scale (business customers)
    • Quick monitor connect & release, guided posts, & more fast instal features 

Consider AWMS-2-BT75-G if you have pre-drilled desk grommet holes. 

See desk fixing options including grommet and HD F-clamp



  • Monitors sized 24" to 55" 
  • Heavy monitors, each weighing 
    • Flat displays to 25kg (55lb) 
    • Curved displays to 18kg (40lb)
  • Deeply curved monitors 
    • Maximum overall monitor depth 300mm (12")
    • Designed for R1000 displays
  • Seamless dual mount adjustments
    • Tilt -8° to +12° for each display
    • Fine-tune height -6mm to +6mm (+/-¼")
    • Levelling -3° to +3° 
  • 10 year warranty


Compatible 49" monitors include:

  • Samsung 49" Odyssey G9s
    • Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 DQHD
    • Including models C49G95T, C49RG90, C49HG90, C49G97T C49G95A
  • Samsung CHG90, CJ890, S95UA
  • LG 49WL95C-W Ultrawide Dual (including LG 49WL95C-WE & members of this product family)
  • Agon AG493UCX Premium Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ
  • Dell UltraSharp 49 U4919DW
  • Phillips Brilliance 499P9H SuperWide


Solution includes:

 NB: The silver solution includes silver post and fixing, with black brackets. As pictured.


Important: Please check your monitor specifications and consult our instruction guidance before mounting your displays. For example, we recommend you avoid putting a load on monitor corners - see full installation instructions through the button below.





Product Details
Upgradable to carry additional display No
Material Aluminium & steel
Colour Options Silver, black
Warranty 10 years
Minimum display weight 4.50
Maximum display weight, kg 25.00
Curved screen, maximum supported weight 18
VESA mounting hole pattern 75x75, 100x100
Maximum desk thickness allowed (mm) 68
Range of movement
Rotation around pole -
Tilt adjustment -8° to +12°
Pan adjustment -
Landscape to portrait screen rotation Yes
Height adjustable Yes

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