Display stands

Choose from a range of flexible options.

From highly adjustable interactive arms all the way ti creating your own configuration with out Modular range.

Display stands
  1. ADBS-1-4FCF
    Single floor-to-ceiling mount
  2. ADBS-1-4FBB
    Freestanding floor mount
  3. ADBS-1X2-4FCF
    1x2 floor-to-ceiling mount
  4. ADBS-3X2-30MFB
    3x2 freestanding floor mount
  5. ADBS-2X2-17MFB
    2x2 freestanding floor mount
  6. ADB-B600H
    VESA 600 heavy duty fixed brackets
  7. ADB-S120B
    ADB support bar
  8. ADB-FL
    Foot leveller (set of 2)
  9. ADB-U180-B
    ADB post 1.8m
  10. ADB-RPJ
    Pole to rail joiner
  11. ADB-PDT
    Pole drill template
  12. ADB-RX
    Rail extension kit
  13. ADB-RPP
    Rail to pole collar attachment plate
  14. ADB-RC
    Rail side caps
  15. ADB-PX
    Pole extension kit
  16. ADB-PW
    Pole anchor fixture
  17. ADB-PF
    Pole floor fixture
  18. ADB-P80-B
    0.8m pole
  19. ADB-P150-B
    1.5m pole
  20. ADB-FS
    Freestanding floor base
  21. ADB-FP
    Bolt through floor base
  22. ADB-F
    Freestanding foot
  23. ADB-C
    Castors (set of two)
  24. ADB-R48-B
    ADB rail 0.48m
  25. ADB-R68-B
    ADB rail 0.68m
  26. ADB-R125-B
    ADB rail 1.25m
  27. ADB-R175-B
    ADB rail 1.75m
  28. ADB-BX
    Extension bracket for VESA 600
  29. ADB-B200T
    VESA 200 tilt brackets
  30. ADB-B400F
    VESA 400 fixed brackets
  31. ADB-B400M
    VESA 400 microadjustable brackets
  32. ADB-B400T
    VESA 400 tilt brackets
  33. ADB-B900F
    VESA 900 fixed brackets
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