Flashback to 1998: Atdec’s Beginnings

We’re celebrating Atdec’s 20th birthday in December! It’s the perfect opportunity to take a look back and see how technology has changed—and how our mounting solutions have evolved along with our customers’ needs.
Then & Now: Desk Mounts

In 1998, we had to find creative ways to help people achieve ergonomic comfort in the workplace, like raising their heavy CRT monitors up to a good screen viewing height. Today, employees mix-and-match laptops—and sometimes multiple LED screens—to make the most of their dynamic workspaces, and our adjustable monitor arms are there to support every infinite configuration.

1998 flashback desk mount - Atdec
Atdec's Armdec
World’s first ergonomic desk monitor arm used in late 90s by Commonwealth Bank, Fairfax media and University of Western Sydney amongst other early adapters.
New desk mount - Atdec
Atdec’s AWM
World’s most configurable display mounting system today.
Then & Now: Wall Mounts

In the late 90s, our wall mounts enabled offices to keep their bulky computer monitors and TVs off of crowded desks and tabletops and into a better line of sight for group viewing. Today, we make it easy for them mount slim LED screens and turn their walls into digital broadcasting surfaces ideal for a wide range of applications.

1998 flashback wall mount - Atdec
Atdec’s Minispace
could be seen at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Department of Defence and Australia Federal Police back in the days.
new wall mount - Atdec
Atdec’s Digital Signage modular range
continues to provide reliable custom solutions to Pro AV installers.
Then & Now: Ceiling Mounts

While most offices have recycled their 1990s tube monitors and VCRs, they’re still looking for ways to save space and deliver (multi) media experiences to employees and customers. Our ceiling technology mounts are still engineered for flexibility and convenience—taking office tech needs into the 21st century.

1998 flashback Ceiling mount - Atdec
Atdec’s Maxispace
could be seen at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney TAFE and security companies amongst others.
New celing mount - Atdec
Stadiums, Shopping Centers & Hospitals
globally choose Atdec’s Ceiling Mounts for their projects today.
Into the Future

Our mounting solutions are in perpetual development, following technology and user trends to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We are looking forward to engineering products for the next 20 years—and beyond!

Sydney Olympics centre, 2000
Future mounting solutions
Sydney Trains new control and command centre, 2018
Future mounting solutions

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