Meeting room collection

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From highly adjustable interactive arms all the way ti creating your own configuration with out Modular range.

Meeting room collection
  1. TH-2250-VF
    Fixed angle mount. Max load: 50kg. VESA up to 200x200
  2. AC-AP-4612
    Device storage utility panel
  3. AD-WT-8060
    Tilt +5° to -10° wall mount, max 80kg (176lb). Heavier displays & touchscreens, wayfinding applications.
  4. AD-WT-5060
    Mount for tilted displays with space for devices at rear. Brackets for 24” stud spacing. Displays to 50kg (110lbs), VESA to 600x400.
  5. AD-WT-5040
    Tilt range -10° to +5°. Max 50kg. VESA 100-400. Simple & robust.
  6. AD-WF-5040
    Fixed angle. Max 50kg. VESA 100-400. Simple, robust, functional.
  7. AD-TVC-70A
    Displays 32" to 70” & up to 70kg. Executive range with high aesthetics
  8. AD-TVC-75
    Displays 50" to 80” & 75kg. Extra shelves (opt). Functional & economical.
  9. AD-TVC-45
    Displays 32" to 65” & up to 45kg. Functional & economical.
  10. AD-AC-PS
    Device storage sliding panel
  11. AD-30100-WF
    Fixed angle mount with low profile. Max load 30kg.
  12. ADBS-3X2-30MFB
    3x2 freestanding floor mount. Max load/display: 50kg. Universal VESA
  13. ADBS-3X1-30T3C
    3x1 ceiling menu board mount (3m rail, 1.5m poles), tilting angle. Max load per display: 50kg
  14. ADBS-4X1-39TW
    4x1 wall menu board mount (3.9m rail), tilting angle. Max load per display: 50kg
  15. AD-AC-PH
    Device storage hinged panel
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