small meeting rooms and huddles

Space saving & efficient

  • Hinged media panel detaches for easy device service
  • Low profile wall mounts save space
  • Eliminates exposed devices and cables
  • Suits new and existing meeting rooms

Select huddle room mounts

Recommended for small meeting rooms.

  1. AD-AC-PH
    Device storage hinged panel
  2. TH-2250-VF
    Fixed angle mount. Max load: 50kg. VESA up to 200x200
  3. AD-30100-WF
    Fixed angle mount with low profile. Max load 30kg.

Elegant & time saving

  • Media panel concealed behind displays
  • Slide out & detach for easy maintenance
  • Eliminates need to remove display for access to devices
  • Versatile wall mounts with tilt and full motion functionality
small meeting rooms and huddles

Popular mounts for most rooms

Recommended for medium to large meeting rooms. Suitable for new projects and retrofitting devices.

  1. AD-AC-PS
    Device storage sliding panel
  2. AD-WT-5060
    Mount for tilted displays with space for devices at rear. Brackets for 24” stud spacing. Displays to 50kg (110lbs), VESA to 600x400.
  3. AD-WT-8060
    Tilt +5° to -10° wall mount, max 80kg (176lb). Heavier displays & touchscreens, wayfinding applications.

Modular & expandable mounts

  • Modular screen mounts for all screen sizes & configurations
  • Solutions for extra heavy displays
  • Device panels for direct and remote mount
  • Designed for longevity and servicability

Pre-configured modular mounts

Popular for large meeting spaces, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Wall, ceiling, and floor mounted for all displays in every configuration.

  1. AD-AC-PS
    Device storage sliding panel
  2. ADBS-4X1-39TW
    4x1 wall menu board mount
  3. AD-AC-PH
    Device storage hinged panel

For agile workspaces

  • Mobile TV/AV carts for single displays
  • Additional shelves available
  • Eliminates exposed devices and cables
  • Rear mount device panel for safe cart movement through the office
small meeting rooms and huddles

Popular mobile UC mounts

Make mobile VC or UC safer and more productive with secured devices and cabling.

  1. AC-AP-4612
    Device storage utility panel
  2. AD-TVC-45
    Displays 32" to 65” & up to 45kg. Functional & economical.
  3. AD-TVC-75
    Displays 50" to 80” & 75kg. Extra shelves (opt). Functional & economical.





Spotlight on device storage panels

  • Complete collection for all meeting spaces
  • Secure devices safely out of sight
  • Smart detachable functionality
  • Simplifies servicing & maintenance
  • Alternatives for all UC room setups

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