The first arm designed
for equal performance with
flat & curved monitors.
Multi award winning.
Designed for curved, perfect for flat

Ora. A new standard.

Ora’s design fuses 30 years of monitor mount expertise with innovative material and manufacturing techniques. Blending our proven record with modern possibilities gave us Ora, with superior aesthetics and performance in its class. 

Ora is the most awarded monitor arm worldwide. 

Good Design KR | Spark | iF AWARD | Red Dot Award | Good Design, Chicago Athenaeum | Good Design JP | Good Design AU

Ora Awards as at April 2024


Ora Designed for curved, perfect for flat, strong and smooth function
Designed for curved, perfect for flat flexible for interactive monitors
Designed for curved, perfect for flat with ample concealed cable management
Designed for curved, perfect for flat and installers

A better dual solution.

Mount dual monitors with two Ora to make your ideal setup on your terms. Retain independence of monitor configuration and superior performance.

High performing mount for 85% of monitors sold worldwide*

*Statistica February 2023

ORA for most monitors sold worldwide

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